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Dharma Inc.

A Florida Not for Profit | A Federally designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity | Est. 2005

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It's EASY to make an impact on the world...

...when we know what to do.

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EVERYONE looks for a way to make a difference in this world.

But we immediately think of the big acts, times and things, while the majority of opportunities are right before us. We can render service and change the world every day, every week, month, year - every moment.

We know, because we are doing it. 

With the experience, leadership, teams, integrity and honesty to consistently find success, we encourage you to become a part of changing the world - one act at a time, consistently.


These are the ways you can have an impact - by joining our group of your community in sharing:

  • In service with others: In and out of the shrine, functions, retreats and fun projects.

  • Material support:  Donation of food and kind, purchasing community needs on our behalf.

  • Expertise: You may have capabilities that we need - have a chat with us and see how you can use your expertise here.

  • Organizational skills: Success breeds success. You can bring your professional experience to the table on our behalf.

  • Mentorship: Dharma Inc. invites mentors to influence our success; be a mentor for us.

  • Sponsorships: The success of our projects starts with sponsors. Lend your name and brand to our public shows of success.

  • Direct Financial Impact:   Help your community to grow. Help us to afford the great value our impact projects bring to all.

                                                              All donations qualify for an end of year statement to be used for your tax purposes.

                                                              You WILL be able to claim it on your taxes - we made sure of it. 

Contact us to make a difference,

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