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Dharma Inc.

A Florida Not for Profit | A Federally designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity | Est. 2005

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Life is a Journey...

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“Vichintaya Bhagavatah” or Dream Divine

This is a universal concept that transcends religion, creed, race or class because Divinity is found within, and we are all of the same biological and spiritual essence.


To discover and express the great powers within is the essence of Dreaming Divine.

Dharma Inc. pursues unity of purpose as the means to achieve these great powers.

Unity of purpose breaks away at ALL barriers and opens unlimited scope for work, happiness and achievement, and leads to spiritual evolution of each person.

How do we achieve unity of purpose?

By promoting, encouraging and inviting each individual, family, and community to adopt a culture of service and humanity.

Service and humanity are steadily achieved by working as teams for the betterment of all. Teams then successfully execute projects in all fields of human endeavor which are: spiritual, social, mental, physical and material pursuits.


This vision is at the core of our organization, and we strongly encourage you to test the effectiveness of this vision with us. No one is excluded or unqualified and success is guaranteed.


Some other goals of Dharma Inc. include:

  • Developing the vision Sri Vishnu Sahastranaam Mandir, Phase II.

  • To always function as a shrine, ashram, shelter, haven, school, place of peace, an escape, a spot of inspiration, comfort, trust and friends.

  • To network with other like-minded groups for enhanced success.

  • To remain selfless, committed and maintain our pledge that 100% of every donation made to Dharma Inc. go 100% back into our communities.

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