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Dharma Inc.

A Florida Not for Profit | A Federally designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity | Est. 2005

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Administrative Leadership

Leadership... not a position or accolade as much as it is an agreement to responsibility.

The success of Dharma Inc. rests on this premise. We strive to be an organization of leaders - the leaders being members of our own community who embody an attitude of service and responsibility.


Dharma Inc. recognizes that everyone is not the same leader with the same responsibilities, but everyone is a leader and capable of strong leadership in one’s own role. Our goal is to help everyone recognize and express that leader within.

Administrative Leadership

Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj

Founder, Chief Executive

Pundit Rabidutt embodies the vision of Dharma Inc. and is a leader, first and foremost. He believes in hands-on leadership and relishes being directly involved in achieving the “Dream Divine”.

With over twenty-seven years of formal leadership experience in not for profit work, he strives to make the Dharma Inc. vision comprehensive, scalable, adaptable and fun.

Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj is formally accredited in the fields of:  Hindu rituals (Pujas), history, music and musicology, information technology and business management.


He is senior-most in the fourth generation (0f five), in a long line of Hindu Acharyas (spiritualists) in the west (United States and the Caribbean). As of 2023, Our Spiritual Leader has amassed thirty-four years of experience in Spirituality, spanning three continents.

Our Spiritual Leader is internationally acclaimed and highly regarded by organizations and leaders for his rich, inspirational and rewarding messages and devotional sessions of singing, readings and spiritually uplifting lectures. 

Domiciled in Kissimmee, Florida with his wife Dr. Priya Maharaj and their four children, Dharma Inc. is a driving force in the life of his family and is at the center of their spiritual, cultural and community dreams.


At your next visit to Dharma Inc. we encourage you to make acquaintance with our founder - always around, ever ready to greet, chat and engage.

Anil Ramdin

Director of Operations

Anil Ramdin is a founding director of Dharma Inc. and has been a vital figure in Dharma Inc.’s success since our inception.

Anil plays a major role in the planning, execution and success of Dharma Inc.’s major projects. His work has allowed Dharma Inc. to enjoy great success in our marquee occasions and celebrations such as Maha Shiv Ratri, Nouratri, Dharma Inc.’s Annual Gala, fund raising initiatives and Dharma Inc.’s Kartik Nahan Festival – all of which now attract high attention and appeal.

In addition to operations, Anil manages the the day-to-day finances of the corporation.

An IT professional of twenty-five years, Anil enjoys spending time with his wife Lynn and two children.

He enjoys walks, coaching and professional development. He seeks to serve the community and humanity.

Priya Maharaj, DO

Director of Corporate Initiatives

Priya Maharaj is a founding director of Dharma Inc. and the wife of Our Spiritual Leader, Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj.

Priya wears many hats at Dharma Inc. and is an inseparable feature of our success. She leads Dharma Inc.’s Annual Retreat and Back to Basics Summer Programs. She is a mentor, Gurumai, a sister and daughter in the large Dharma Inc. family.

Priya is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and has led her solo private practice since 2006; immediately after completing her family practice residency.

Priya enjoys devotional music, meditation, exercise and family vacations.

Personal Statement: “I strongly believe that wellness is a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.”

Hemchand Ramdin

Chief Financial Officer

“Uncle John” as he is fondly called, is Dharma Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer. Serving Dharma Inc. since its inception. Together with his wife, Aunty Kay, Uncle John continues to be heavily involved in Dharma Inc.’s religious activities and festivals – playing an active part in virtually every single Sunday Devotion, Full Moon Puja and other religious observances and festivals. He is one of the stalwarts of Dharma Inc.'s Satyanaratana Vrat (Full moon) Pujaa from as far back as 2000 - before formal incorporation.

Uncle John was instrumental in the completion of Phase I of Dharma Inc.'s Sri Vishnu Sahastranaam Mandir. He acted as the project coordinator and, despite many challenges, including a pandemic, successfully helped project Phase I to a successful completion.

Uncle John graduated with a Doctorate in Economics in Hungary and is currently a realtor with Homestead Realty.

He enjoys singing in Mandir, celebrating Holi and spending quality time with his three children and seven grandchildren.

Personal Statement:

“My greatest satisfaction is knowing that my efforts with Dharma Inc. brings fruition to our goal of Paropkar                                 (service to the community)”

Past Directors

Cherry Sookdeo, Krisendath Soondar and Ramoutar Mahadeo.

Community and Team Leadership

Community Leadership

A Salute to You

Dharma Inc. is blessed with numerous individuals and families who continue to lead from the front with commitment, resources and a unity of purpose. This community is a large constantly growing family, which creates a great environment for positive change.


We are eternally grateful for every community member’s invaluable contributions to the “Dream Divine”.

Team Leadership

Devi Sookram

Sponsorships, public relations, corporate initiatives, founding team member of CWC.

Devi Sookram is part of the founding family of Dharma Inc. Devi is ever present and a hard worker who takes great pride in the success Dharma Inc. has achieved. She shows this pride by the sheer weight of her participation - in virtually every committee and team. She is a true Dharma Inc. ambassador.

Devi has twenty-four years experience in the field of finance and is also a realtor. She is deeply committed to Satsanga and is a vital member of Pundit Rabidutt’s music team.

When she is not working, she enjoys singing and participating in Satsanga. She enjoys traveling the world with her husband Sastri and their two children.

Personal Statement:

“I wholeheartedly believe that by serving your community - the simplest act, is the greatest achievement you can receive, resulting in a huge impact in your own life.”

Indrani Sookdeo

Sponsorships, special events, menu and meal planning, Yagya/Yajna coordination.

“Aunty Indrani” is one of the most loved members of our community! Coming from a family tradition of musical, cultural and philanthropic pursuits, she has brought a wealth of experience to Dharma Inc.

Aunty Indrani assumes a leadership role in all projects and initiatives. She is an important part of the meal planning experience in Dharma Inc. and embodies enjoyment in the service of community and Dharma.

One of Aunty Indrani’s greatest contributions is as a consultant on Yagya traditions. Having hosted many Yagyas herself, she is always happy to guide families in the nuances and rich traditions that make Yagya successful for both the host and the community.

Auntie Indrani has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 28 years. She has two daughters, one of whom lives with her.

In her spare time, Aunty enjoys travel, cooking and listening to music.

Personal Statement:

“My goal is to lead with a purpose; I strive to bring balance and keep harmony within our organization and community.”

Neelakumarie Dass

Creative Writing Contest (CWC), social outreach, pantry, youth group.

Neelakumarie “Sandra” Dass embodies the name. In just a few years, Sandra has had a tremendous impact in Dharma Inc. With a deep desire to serve and a drive to match, Sandra leads from the front.


Among her many achievements is the strengthening of Dharma Inc.’s youth group and naming it the “Yuva Sabha”.  Under Sandra, our youths have become better, stronger and more capable; the youths all look up to her.

Sandra leads the Creative Writing Contest (CWC) with a passion and is supported by a highly motivated team.

Sandra, together with her husband Rajin are entrepreneurs. With their two daughters, they have fostered a strong bond within Dharma Inc. and the community.

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys quiet time, listening to devotional music, study, self-development, comedies and exercising.


Personal Statement:

“My goal is to provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, and in the process build a strong community of supporters and leaders.”

Rishi Chillar

Safety and compliance, project management, technology and social media.

Rishi Chillar came to Dharma Inc. with nine years experience in religious work. He is a highly organized, thorough planner and is
deeply motivated to advance Dharma Inc.’s vision and goals; he shows leadership by example.

On account of his strong project management and safety credentials, Rishi successfully leads Dharma Inc.’s life-safety and
compliance activities during Covid-19. Through the efforts of his team, Dharma Inc. was able to resume in-person devotions and
services in a safe environment as early as August, 2020 and it continues today.


He is also Dharma Inc.’s in-house tech guru.

Rishi is a lead cybersecurity specialist of thirteen years and works for a multi national corporation.

Rishi is always in the company his wife Kathleen and their two children who are all very active.

Rishi enjoys family time, theme parks, the beach, tennis, music and community service.

Personal Statement: “My mission is to leave this world a better place than I met it.”

Gowkaran Sookram

Upkeep, repairs, special events.

Sastri “Sas” Sookram has been with Dharma Inc. since it’s inception.


Always willing to be of service to his community and anyone in need, Sas plays an integral role in every undertaking of Dharma Inc. His story is a noteworthy chapter in Dharma Inc.'s success and even as he remains heavily relied on for ongoing improvement projects at Dharma Inc., Sas serves with true humility.

Sas is highly devoted not only to his community but to the divine and his outlook on life reflects this devotion. He, together with his family, have been stalwarts of Dharma Inc.'s Satyanaratana Vrat (Full moon) Pujaa since Dharma Inc.'s initial edition.

Sas has seven years experience in commercial transportation and nine years HVAC experience.

Sas, together with his wife Devi and two sons, remains an integral ingredient in Dharma Inc.’s success.

In his spare time, Sas enjoys gymnastics, working out and listening to Bhajans.

Personal Statement: "My goal is to enhance pride in the Hindu religion for present and future generations". 

Acharyas and Purohits

  • Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj:             Our Spiritual Head

  • Pundit Premraj Maraj:                   Lead Purohit

  • Pundit Tulsidas R Maharaj:          Lead Purohit

  • Pundit Vasudev S Maharaj:          Lead Purohit

  • Pundit Jagdeeshwar S Maharaj: Assisting Purohit

Team Leadership
Community Leadership
Acharyas & Purohits
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