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CWC11 Virtual Writing Tutor

You are requested to write a point o view essay. 

What is a point of view essay?

How can I write one that gives me a great chance of winning a cash grant?

Great Questions!

A point of view essay is, simply, you voicing your opinion on paper. This means you are guaranteed to answer the question being asked of you - how cool is that?

To give yourself the greatest chance of winning an award, we recommend you use proper grammar and style and follow the rules and regulations of the contest. They are easy to read and easy to follow. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST USING THE RUBRIC. Why? The requirements in the rubric, this is exactly what ALL judges will score on. Meet this and you will score points - meet all and you will score LOTS of points. 


The template is designed to virtually guide you through the process of assembling your views and ideas in the form of an essay. 


We encourage you to download and use the resources below. 

(MS Word)

(Adobe PDF)


The Essay

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