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Dharma Inc.

A Florida Not for Profit | A Federally designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity | Est. 2005

Yoga at Home
Vichintaya Bhagavatah - Dream Divine

What are we without our dreams?

Who are we without hopes of being OUR BEST?

Even if we do not move the world today, it IS true that we will ALWAYS move with the world. -That is still a lot of power. 

Now, let us pause, listen to our dreams and come to see that the power to access them all resides WITHIN.

You can join with Dharma Inc. in Dreaming Divine. You can discover how to REACH that power within; to see the ways life can unite with its true purpose and how to live the Dream Divine NOW, not later.

"Success is attained not by hope, but in our own efforts - this is the laws of the universe at work." 

- Sp. Leader, Pt. Rabidutt Maharaj

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